Project Description

The coated pipes are composed of three functional components: a high-performance fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), followed by a copolymer adhesive and an outer layer of polyethylene which provides tough and durable protection.


Widely used as preservative pipeline. Such as:

  • Water supply pipeline
  • Gas transportation pipe line
  • Oil transportation pipe line
  • Mine, power, chemical transportation pipe line


  • O.D.: 159mm ~ 1220mm
  • Coating Standard: DIN30670
  • Packing: Waterproof Paper wrapped, Steel Strips bundled

2PE/3PE Coating Characteristics

NO. Item Property data Test way
two laye three layer
1 Detach strength(N/cm) 20℃±5℃ ≥70 ≥100 SY/T0413-2002
50℃±5℃ ≥35 ≥70
2 Cleaning of the cathode(65℃,48h)(mm) ≤8 SY/T0413-2002
3 Impact test(J/mm) ≥8 SY/T0413-2002
4 Bending strength(2.5°-30℃±5℃) No crack of polythene SY/T0413-2002

2PE/3PE Coating Thickness Requirements

N.B Epoxy powder coating Adhesive(um) Min wall thickness of anticorrosive coating(mm)
(mm) (mm) two layer three layer usual grade strengthen grade
≤100 ≥80 1.8 2.5
250<DN≤250 200-400 170-250 2 2.7
250<DN≤500 2.2 2.9
500<DN≤800 2.5 3.2
DN≥800 3 3.7

3PE Coating Line:

Liaoning Datang Group Coal-based Natural Gas Project.

Liaoning Datang Group Coal-based Natural Gas Project

Baoji Cigarette Factory Water Networks

Baoji Cigarette Factory Water Networks