Highway, it isn’t strange for us today, giving us with yet another option to travel. But on the roadside, we can see fence-like guardrails of a variety of shapes and sizes.What are these highway guardrails created for or why do we’ve to install them in some locations? As a proverb runs:if a single is ready,he will probably be protected;if not,he will endure.


These guardrails are the protection facilities, setup along the subgrade edge on the unsafe sections for warning vehicle off the subgrade or along the medial strip for preventing automobiles from entering to the roadway ,too as for making sure the safety of pedestrians so that you can separate pedestrians from autos.


Highway guardrails are made by various highway guardrail suppliers. Based on its vertical position setting around the road ,it can be divided into two types of thesubgrade guardrail and bridge railing.Then in accordance with transverse position setting around the road ,it may be divided into the roadside guardrail and median guardrail.Besides, in accordance with the deformation degree of collision fence ,it may be divided into flexible guardrail, semi-rigid guardrail and rigid guardrail. So what does it imply by all these guardrails?


1. The subgrade guardrail.It can be a type of guardrail defending the highway subgrade which can be set up on it.


2.The bridge railing.It’s utilized to protect the bridge which can be set up around the bridge.It is just like a fence of the bridge.


3.The roadside guardrail. It is actually set on highway road shoulder, its objective should be to stop the automobile out of control to become driven outdoors the way and stay clear of its collision in the road facilities, primarily including the guardrail of embankment fence and obstacles.


4.The median guardrail .It is actually set inside the highway median, its goal is usually to avoid cars operating via the medial strip in to the driveway, and shield the separation zone within the structure.


5.The flexible guardrail.It owns the tough guardrail structure of larger buffer capacity. Cable guardrail is the most important representative type of versatile guardrail, it’s a steel cable structure composed of quite a few cable which can be applied the initial tension cable and fixed around the newel post. It relies mainly around the tensile tension in the cable to combat vehicle collision and absorb the collision energy.


6.The semi-rigid guardrail .It is actually one sort of guardrail owning the continuous beam column variety structure, with a certain degree of reduce and flexibility,that is mainly refered towards the wave beam steel guardrail. It absorbs the impact energy by means of a specific amount of elastic and plastic deformation(mainly deformation of guardrail method) made by the friction amongst the vehicle and barrier, the friction among the car and the ground and vehicle, road and fence itself.It reduces the vehicle acceleration by prolonging the action time of collision method ,forcing the car which can be out of manage to adjust its driving path, stopping the automobile much more way out, to ensure that there can be no extra targeted traffic accidents.


7.The rigid guardrail


It’s a standard non deformable barrier structure, its most important kind getting the concrete wall guardrail. According to its numerous structure,it can be divided into concrete wall guardrail, concrete beam column guardrail,bridge box beams guardrail and tube beam guardraill and combined guardrail. It absorbs the influence energy by way of the modify with the wheel rotation angle, the deflection and deformation on the physique, the friction created by cars , guardrail plus the ground. In the course of action of collision, the deformation of vehicle is determined by its stiffness, influence energy and influence action time. When the vehicle collision Angle is bigger, it quite often has additional really serious consequences. It was slightly decrease to make sure the occupant safety requirement. Since it is not deformed at the time of your collision and almost can not be broken, so its upkeep expense is quite low, however it features a oppressive feeling to the car, simple to snow employing in cold areas. Subsequently it must not be placed inside the entire road.


These guardrails are implemented to lower damage and make the threat to a minimum. For the safety, you ‘d much better drive cautiously.