Complete hardware Dongfang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is one of the few domestic manufacturers of fire protection pipes that have passed both UL and FM certifications, and its products have passed multiple international certifications such as API;

Complete variety Dongfang Steel Pipe can provide customers with various forms of connection and anti-corrosion methods. Connection methods such as flat head, chamfer, groove, wire, flange, etc.; various anti-corrosion methods such as oiling, galvanizing, painting, spraying, PE winding, etc.;

Excellent quality Our company has produced welded pipes for many years, and has continued to invest in technological transformation every year, which has laid a good foundation for ensuring product quality. The quality of fire pipe products continues to maintain the first place in the same industry in China;

System solutions Weifang is a pipe fitting base, such as groove pipe fitting manufacturers, flange valve manufacturers, etc., which can cooperate with pipe fitting manufacturers to provide customers with a complete set of solutions for fire protection systems, or provide customers with reference opinions on solutions, etc. Stop and buy.