fire sprinkler pipe Coating material: modified heavy duty epoxy resin
Universal color: red
Coating thickness: 250um—550um Coating method: fluidized bed dipping process, one-time film formation.
Product specification: DN15—DN1200
Ambient temperature: -30°C to 80°C (peak 760°C)
Normal pressure: 0.1Mpa—2.5Mpa
Connection method: thread, groove, flange connection, etc.
Application areas: fire water supply, gas supply, foam medium pipeline system

The epoxy composite fire sprinkler pipe with internal and external coating for fire protection is a modified heavy-duty anti-corrosion epoxy resin powder, which has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, which fundamentally solves many problems such as surface rust corrosion and inner wall scaling of similar products after long-term use. The problem is to avoid the phenomenon of internal blockage affecting the use, thereby greatly improving the service life of the special fire-fighting pipe. Compared with other similar products, the temperature resistance of this product is improved due to the addition of flame retardant materials to the coating material. Therefore, it will not affect the use when the ambient temperature rises sharply. The service life and performance of the inner and outer coated fire pipes are much better than that of the galvanized fire pipes.