1. The base pipe is made of high-quality steel fire pipe, the inner wall is made of food-grade hygienic paint, and the inner and outer plastic-coated composite steel pipe is hygienic, without chemical effects, and is a green building material.

2. It is produced by homogeneous hot-melt connection process, which enables you to complete the installation work in a short time, which is simple and convenient, saving time and effort.

3. The thermal conductivity is very low, only 50% of the metal tube. Therefore, in the process of hot water transportation, the heat loss is small, and the energy saving and heat preservation performance is good.

4. The total proportion of plastic-coated composite steel pipes inside and outside is about 10% of that of steel pipes, but its compressive strength, impact resistance, heat resistance and toughness are higher than those of steel pipes, and it has the characteristics of light weight and high strength.

5. The internal and external coatings have good finish and low infusion resistance, which can reduce energy consumption well.

6. The selected material has high corrosion resistance, avoids scaling during use, avoids pipe blockage and macular rust.

7. Long service life.

Because the fire-fighting plastic-coated steel fire sprinkler pipe is rust-free and non-scaling, it ensures the safety of the pipeline in the fire-fighting water supply, and the use effect is very good. At the same time, the pipeline maintenance period is prolonged, and the pipeline maintenance cost is greatly reduced.