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Galvanized Pipe Coating Process and Hot Dip Galvanizing Production Difficulties and Countermeasures

Galvanized pipe coating process A continuous galvanized pipe coating production technology and equipment, and the process includes the following steps: passivation, cleaning; paint; curing, with drying preheating before coating, and the drying preheating temperature is about ±20 ℃ of the curing temperature. The device is based on the known device, before the dip-coating slot with [...]

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Seamless Steel Tube Production Process and the Notices When Buying Pipes

Thick wall seamless steel tube production process Cutting the circular tube embryo to about 1 meter of billet by cutting machine. The thick wall steel pipe is the pipe that the ratio between outer diameter and thickness is less than 20. Thick wall steel tube is mainly used for petroleum geological drill pipe, oil chemical [...]

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Identification of Inferior Steel Pipe

1.The folding is easy to happen with inferior steel tube Folding is formed on the surface of the pipe line, this kind of defect often throughout the entire product longitudinal. The reason for causing of fold is due to the pursuit of high efficiency, large reduction of the inferior manufacturer, when go on the next [...]

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The Application of Steel Pipe and Steel Tube Concrete Structure

The application of steel tube in the concrete structure We often see the water-cooled steel structure system. This is by using the specially designed structure to make the water with rust-roof and freeze-proofing material to be a liquid circulation channel, and then by decreasing the temperature to improve the fire resistance characteristics of the steel [...]

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Cold Rolled Seamless Steel Tube and Finish Pipe Production Process

Cold rolled seamless steel tube Cold rolled precision seamless steel tube (GB3639-2000) is a kind of seamless steel tube used for precision mechanical structure, hydraulic equipment and the steel sleeve with high precision and good surface. High precision cold drawn precision steel tube is a new type of steel varieties, and its main characteristic is [...]

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The Introduction of Welded Steel Tube (Section Two)

In this article, I’d like to go on talking about the welded steel tube. 3. The ordinary carbon steel wire casing (GB3640-88) is the steel tube used for protecting the wire in industrial and civil construction and installation of machinery and equipment. 4. The straight seam welded steel pipe (YB242-63) is the steel pipe that [...]

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The Introduction of Welded Steel Tube (Section One)

Welded steel pipe is also called welded pipe, and it is made of steel plate or steel strip after crimp molding. Welded steel pipe production technology is simple with high production efficiency, varieties, wide specifications, less equipment investment, but the general strength is lower than the seamless steel tube. Since the 1930s, with the rapid [...]

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The Measures to Avoid Edge Warping of the Steel Tube 3 PE Coating Tube End

3PE anti-corrosive coatings with good corrosion resistance, moisture permeability resistance and mechanical properties, is widely used in the oil pipeline industry. This kind of anti-corrosive coating steel pipe is easy to happen edge warping problems due to corrosion. The 3 PE anti-corrosion layer steel pipe in reserve period of polyethylene polishing groove, the residual height [...]

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New scaffolding pipe product passed Japanese customer’s test.

Recently,the new scaffolding pipe and accessories products we developed for Japanese customer achieved success, all technical performance indexes are in accordance with relative JIS standards.In the final inspection, the customer expressed high recognition on product, as well as the recognition of R&D capacity and production capacity of our company, laying a foundation for both company [...]

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East Pipe passed GOST certification

Our company was recently approved by GOST-R certification for fire sprinkler pipe, highway guardrail and gas pipeline. The certification give company a pass, to the expansion of Russia and Eastern European markets play a very good role. East steel pipe is one of the few China pipe manufactures  who has achieved by Russia recognition. The GOST [...]

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