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Hot-dip galvanized emt conduit can play a more convenient role

In our lives, you will see that some industries and enterprises are using hot-dip galvanized emt conduit, which can play a very good role in connection, especially hot-dip galvanized steel pipe joints, which can play a more important role. Convenient function. If customers need to order, they can order through the manufacturer. The manufacturer's service [...]

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What is a hot-dip galvanized electrical emt conduit pipe ?

Hot-dip galvanized emt conduit pipe is a metal threading pipe that has been hot-dip galvanized. Hot-dip galvanized pipe is to make the molten metal and the iron matrix react to produce an alloy layer, so that the matrix and the coating are combined. Hot-dip galvanizing is to first pickle the steel pipe. In order to [...]

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Why use galvanized emt conduit threading pipe

1. From now on, emt conduit it is easy to unplug the wires. If the wire is directly buried in the cement mortar, it becomes a "dead wire". If the wire is repaired, replaced, and home smart devices are later, it is impossible. 2. Maintain the insulation layer of the wire. If it is directly [...]

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east steel pipe EMT conduit supplier

The production concept of "Focus on steel anti-corrosion for 100 years" Allows us to mainly focus on anti-corossion emt conduit, The business philosophy of "Management is integrity, and sales are quality" allows us continue to innovate and strive for excellence. With nearly 30 years of export experience and 70 years of technical accumulation, East Steel Pipe [...]

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CAUTION: we don’t have any other branches and representatives in China

CAUTION: Dear all, we hereby declare that we don't have any other branches and representatives in China, the other Chinese suppliers which provided or will provide you pipes and told you that the pipes were from WEIFANG EAST STEEL PIPE, that will be definitely FRAUD. WE ONLY EXPORT STEEL PIPES BY OURSELVES!!! AND OUR LAWYERS [...]

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Wet Type Automatic Sprinkler System (Section Four)

(3). The water flow indicator The flow indicator is installed in the pipeline, when there is flow of water goes through the pipe which is more than scheduled flow, the water flow indicator emits electrical signals, shows the flow of water. Usually the flow indicator is settled on the distribution pipe of the fire fighting [...]

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Special Shape Steel Pipe

Introduction Special shape steel pipe is a kind of economic cross section steel tube including non circular cross section, equal-thickness wall, variable wall thickness, symmetrical section, no-symmetrical section, etc. Such as square, rectangle, conical, trapezoidal, spiral, etc. The special shape steel pipe is more suitable for the particular condition of use. And it can save [...]

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The Difference Between the Straight Seam Welded Pipe and the General Welded Pipe and the Characteristics and Usage of the Spiral Pipe

The Difference Between the Straight Seam Welded Pipe and the General Welded Pipe Straight seam welded pipe Straight seam welded pipe is made of steel plate or steel strip after bending forming, and then through welding. Divided into the form of the weld seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe by the welding forming method. [...]

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