Project Description

galvanizing kettles

modern technology and a highly skilled workforce have been combined into a world-renowned company. State-of-the-art cutting,
folding and bending machinery, and well established production techniques enable work
on high quality plates with great precision. Qualified personnel ensure that the renowned
Pilling quality is maintained at all times. Permanent controls during production guarantees
the best results in both precision and security.


Reduces zinc consumption by reducing
splash and dross

Reduces dip time

Improves quality

Specifically designed for the demanding
galvanizing operation

Engineered specifically for each
unique application

High volume circulation fan

In-line burner with safety systems

Heavy duty distribution plenums

Powered doors

Relay Logic Control Panel with precise
temperature control

Dual push button stations for operators

Heavy Duty Construction

Options available:

PLC control system

High temperature conveyor

Heat recovery from furnace


Product Type Galvanized zinc
Zinc Kettle Low wearing rate and extra long service life
HDG Furnace Ceramic fiber module lining—light weight, low heat absorption, non thermal expansion stress, fast installation and easy maintenance
Galvanizing Specialized Monorail Crane: Cranes can  work independently with  fast lifting and high productivity.

Crane type: Winch type (wireless rail, motors at on side)

Pickling Specialized Monorail Crane It is the most scientific pickling crane for there is no wire or motor in the enclosed workshop that minimize the degree of corrosion and maintenance.
The Acid Mist Treatment System After processing the acid mist meet the emission standard
Reduce operating costs and energy consumption
Wastewater Treatment System Reasonable layout

After treatnent the wastewater meets the discharge standard

White Fume Removal Equipment Advanced technology and reliable quality
After treatment the acid mist meets the emission standard
Flux Solution Iron Removal Equipment Reduce operating costs and energy consumption
Advanced technology and reliable quality
Easy maintenance management